Is It Time For New Brakes? How Will You Know?

Just like tires and wiper blades, brakes are another vital component of your vehicle that will need to be regularly serviced and replaced. As your brake pads wear out over time, you'll notice decreased braking performance, meaning it's time to have those brake pads replaced here at Stuckey Mitsubishi. Listed below are other signs that it may be time for new brakes:

Grinding Noise

Do you hear a harsh grinding noise every time you step on the brakes? If so, chances are that metal-on-metal noise is caused by worn brake pads that are grinding against the rotor. You'll want to address this noise right away before it causes significant damage to your vehicle's rotors.


Is your vehicle pulling to one side while braking? This may be caused by uneven brake pad wear, dirty brake fluid, or a stuck brake caliper. If you're experiencing this, have your car serviced right away here at Stuckey Mitsubishi located in State College, PA.


Wondering where that high-pitched squealing is coming from while you're driving? That could be your brake pad wear indicator, a small piece of metal that emits a high-pitched squeal when your brake pads are too far worn.

Brake Pad Thickness

Make sure to have the thickness of your brake pads checked regularly, as this can prevent you from driving with worn-out brake pads. Typically, if pads measure 2-3mm thick they need an immediate replacement, if they measure between 4-5mm they will need to be replaced in the near future. You can have your brake pad thickness measured here at Stuckey Mitsubishi, just ask your service advisor for more information.


Do you feel a vibration or pulse in your brake pedal while braking? If you do, this could be a result of unevenly worn rotors, and replacement is recommended immediately. Have your uneven rotors replaced by our Mitsubishi Factory Trained service technicians here at Stuckey Mitsubishi today!

Pedal Responsiveness

Got a "mushy" or a non-responsive brake pedal? This could mean you have a problem with your vehicle's braking system that needs immediate attention. Stop by Stuckey Mitsubishi to have your "mushy" brake pedal fixed today!

At Stuckey Mitsubishi, Nothing Comes Before Safety.

Stay safe and ensure your peace of mind, visit Stuckey Mitsubishi today to have your brake system inspected by our factory-trained Mitsubishi technicians.

What To Expect From Your Car, Truck or SUV Battery

Batteries in modern cars, trucks and SUVs tend to last for thousands of miles without ever needing service. However, the lifespan of your car, truck or SUVs battery can vary depending on your driving habits and local weather conditions. Extreme cold or blistering heat can shorten the life of your vehicle's battery, so it's a good idea to have your battery routinely inspected and tested each year.

Stop by Stuckey Mitsubishi today and ask your service advisor about having your car, truck or SUVs battery tested and inspected.

Conditions That May Shorten the Life of Your Car, Truck or SUVs Battery

Extreme Temperatures

Whether it's sub-zero temperatures in the winter or sweltering hot heat in the summer, extreme weather conditions can severely affect the life and performance of the battery in your car, truck or SUV. A good rule of thumb is to have your battery inspected here at Stuckey Mitsubishi every six months to ensure it's in tip-top shape.

Left Your Lights On?

Let's face it, sometimes we forget to turn off the headlights in our car, truck or SUV which can drain the battery rapidly. Even though your vehicle may start, the battery's reserve power may still be depleted. If you've left your lights on recently, bring your vehicle in to have the battery checked here at Stuckey Mitsubishi today!

Corroded or Leaking Battery

If you notice leaking or a build-up of corrosion around your battery terminals - then it's time for a new battery. Have your leaking or corroded battery replaced by our Mitsubishi factory-trained service technicians here at Stuckey Mitsubishi.


Need a New Battery in Your Mitsubishi Car, Truck or SUV? Stuckey Mitsubishi is here to help!

If you need a new battery in your Mitsubishi car, truck or SUV, stop by Stuckey Mitsubishi today to have it installed. Here at Stuckey Mitsubishi, we stock plenty of genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories, including batteries, so you know you're getting the best quality parts every single time. Schedule your appointment by calling Stuckey Mitsubishi today!

Is it Time for New Tires? Here’s How You Know!

Just like brakes, all tires will eventually need to be replaced sooner than later. If you're in need of new tires on your Mitsubishi car, truck or SUV, bring it to our expert Mitsubishi service technicians here at Stuckey Mitsubishi today! Here at Stuckey Mitsubishi, we'll help you find the perfect tire that is not only cost-effective and convenient but also meet and exceed Mitsubishi specifications.

Each time you bring your Mitsubishi car, truck or SUV in for service, our factory-trained Mitsubishi service technicians will check your tire tread depth and pressure to see if they need replacement or servicing. In the event that you need new tires, our expert Mitsubishi service advisors will be more than happy to help you find the right set of tires for your needs. Here are a few reasons you shouldn't buy tires anywhere else:

  • We carry the perfect size tire for every Mitsubishi model available
  • Ultra-competitive pricing on tires
  • Purchase your tires here and have them installed - same day!
  • Tires installed by factory-trained Mitsubishi technicians
  • We stock the highest-quality and best brand name tires at all times

Brakes Aren't the Only Thing Stopping You!

Contrary to popular belief, brakes aren't the only thing slowing the vehicle down - your tires do too! That being said, it's incredibly important to have tires with appropriate tread depth on them at all times. With proper tread depth, you can stop your vehicle quicker in both dry and wet conditions sooner than you can with worn tires. Keep you and your family safe, have your tires regularly inspected and replaced.

Have You Checked Your Wipers Lately?

Are your wiper blades leaving streaks? Do they chatter while in operation? If so, then it's time to have your wiper blades replaced and Stuckey Mitsubishi can help. We stock a wide selection of wiper blades to fit your Mitsubishi car, truck or SUV here at Stuckey Mitsubishi, so stop by today!

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